Year Round Education essay

Many schools throughout the United States still use the traditional school schedule, believing that is the best possible way to educate their students. Many do not know but year round education was the prior method of schooling. During War War II they were put to a halt because families needed their children home during the summer months. The traditional system was designed to allow children time to assist their family on their farms, in factories, and to enhance the agricultural economy. This was very important to America especially during the time of war.

Year round schooling is beneficial to all groups involved. Although many believe that it takes away, from quality time with families and is a hassle when scheduling family events, this essay will show that in the long run it will allow our children to have better educations. This way of schooling will permit improvement of the quality of education and also enhance the achievement of students. It will also drastically reduce the amount of memory and learning loss during the vacation period. These are some of the key reasons why students will be provided with a better education if they attend year round schooling instead of traditional schooling.

Education is a very important part of the American society and we always want the best and most efficient ways to do things; this is why extended year schooling is becoming more and more accepted as the years pass. This way of schooling has the potential to improve the quality of education in our schools. The extended school year adds hours to the class rooms allowing them the extended time needed to enhance their learning. Year round schooling allows teachers to spend more time helping students who are having trouble on certain areas of the curriculum. It also allows the educators’ time to finish the curriculum at a steady pace instead of having to rush through it like they sometimes have to do on a traditional school schedule. Students are also given more time to absorb the information provided to them. The more times the information is presented to the students the more likely they are to understand the material at a faster rate. If, students are still struggling in certain areas of the curriculum there are optional sessions during the break time that they can use to their advantage to get one on one attention. In another aspect they have more time to work together and enhance their personal and cooperative learning skills.

Another strong reason why year round schooling is an improved way of educating students is because it can also increase the achievements of the students. As the years pass the pressure on the students to perform becomes more intense. Schools need rewards just like everything else so a great way to enhance student’s achievements is to reward them. For example, students who play sports will work hard at practice the week before a game and extra hard during games knowing the reward will be coming out with a win. School can be looked at the same way: by using year round schooling it allows students to have rewards. Students have to work hard for the allotted time they are in session and the reward is a short vacation to rejuvenate and then the process starts over again.

Traditional schooling has many downfalls when placed against year round schooling. When on a traditional schedule teachers are rushed to complete the set curriculum, which cuts into the time to help the students fully learn the material if they are having trouble. Also by the end of the school year majority of the students do not have any motivation left to do their school work due to the length of the school year and the nice weather. Another huge downside to traditional schooling is the three month gap of no structured education provided. During the vacation period students have memory and learning loss because there isn’t any reinforced learning and students forget a lot of the information. This causes a problem at the beginning of the school year because teachers have to spend majority of the first weeks of school reviewing old information, which takes time away from learning the materials for that year. Year round education eliminates the memory loss period and allows teachers to work one on one with the students more often. In turn, students will feel more prepared to continue their education through higher learning.

Year round schooling is the best possible way to educate our children today. It provides an enhanced learning environment and gives the students better advantages and a wide range of opportunities. It undoubtedly will improve the quality of education and capitalize on the students achievements. Most importantly it will keep the education process moving in a forward motion instead of having to back track at the beginning of each school year. Year round education is beneficial to all groups involved and will improve our children’s education.

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