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Plato’s Republic: The Education of the Gaurdians Essay

The Republic of Plato is a book consisting of dialogues held by Plato. Glaucon and Adeimantus are participants in Plato‚Äôs dialogues. Plato was a Greek philosopher who lived from 427 to 347 B.C. The topic I am going to discuss is the topic of Education. I chose this topic because it is of interest to me since I am going to work in the field of education. I will use … Read the rest

Year Round Education essay

Many schools throughout the United States still use the traditional school schedule, believing that is the best possible way to educate their students. Many do not know but year round education was the prior method of schooling. During War War II they were put to a halt because families needed their children home during the summer months. The traditional system was designed to allow children time to assist their family … Read the rest