How to easily write a good book review

Book review just as movie review, should cover a description, analysis and meaning of a book. Book review can be written in three distinct formats mainly the primary source which involves an individual’s opinion about the book or a summary review which is quite comprehensive and will highlight the significance of the book or scholarly review which involves getting the plot of the book and analyzing the behaviors of characters in the book.

A good book review should give the basic information about the book. Such information includes the title, name of author, genre of literature and any other special features. The review should state the author’s purpose for writing the book. The purpose should go hand in hand with the theme of the book. Other than the theme, the book review should highlight the author’s point of view and the style, whether it is suitable for that particular audience.

Writing a book review is primarily based on the reader’s opinion therefore such opinion expressing whether you like the book or not can be chipped in. A good book review isn’t complete without including the information about the author; his/her qualifications, reputation and possibility to buy book reviews. The length of book review may vary depending on the reviewer’s opinion and the pros and cons of the book: this can be in a form of a paragraph or an extensive essay. When writing the book review, it is advisable to quote a few areas of interest from the book. The conclusion should include your final assessment of the book; whether you recommend it or not. A good book review should employ figurative language as much as possible since it is a compelling publication.

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