Essay: Why a Graduate Degree?

There are many different reasons why I am pursuing a Graduate Degree. I personal feel it would be a great accomplishment to have got my Graduate Degree in Organizational Management. The education will help me to be better prepared for a more rewarding job. By having a Graduate Degree it will open doors for better opportunities in the workplace for me. In addition to receiving a Graduate Degree it lets the employer know that not only with the experiences you have in an occupation, but you have taken that extra step to educate your mind for that occupation. That acknowledge and experiences your receive while in Graduate school expands your mind to social issues and causes.

Another reason for pursuing a Graduate Degrees is in today environment people are obtaining Graduate Degree so they can be more competitive in the business world. I need to be competitive with everyone else if I want to be successful in the business world. The occupation that I am pursuing will also require me to study for different certification in order for me to competitive for different positions in the business world. So this is just the beginning of me making myself more marketable for higher positions.

The final reason for me pursuing a Graduate Degree is for my children. An education can take you along ways in life if you pursue it the right way. Even those I have a family and a working mom, I am still trying to educate myself. This will show them that is takes dedication and perseverance to go under and beyond what is require of most people. Some people think all you need is a Bachelors Degree and that is an enough, but not me. I teach my children if the next man can do it, so can I. I tell them the story about when I was a kid that I did not learn how to read on my grade level until the age of 11. I had to work real hard at my education to get where I am today. I hope to show by receiving my Graduate Degree it would encourage them to pursue their Graduate Degree. I want my children to feel that way about their education, too.

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