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Book review is the process where any written material is analyzed based on its merit, style and content. This is usually done to ensure that the written work appears excellent free of mistakes.

In book review, grammar is of essence, the thesis writer will be judged based on the grammar he uses and how he is able to relate his topic of discussion to the real issues. Many types of book review are done to criticize and identify mistakes made by the writer in any written work. After book review is done, it is published on newspapers or magazines where different people will have an opportunity to share their view concerning the written material in question. Book review is basically a summary of the essay or any written work. This is why it varies from a simple paragraph and may be as long as an essay papers. The best book review are however not lengthy.

To write a good book review, one needs to concentrate only on the key issues discussed in the book. You are then required to give your independent view concerning the issues discussed. The process of book review is then required to be repeated periodically until a conclusion is arrived at. Book review can be done on net for the purpose of learning or sometimes done by professionals whenever a writer intends to produce a book.

From this we can conclude that book review plays a very important role in literature. Any written work should thus be exposed to thorough custom review before it is released in the market for consumers. This will avoid problems that could be rectified early like grammatical error in a written article.

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