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The person who writes a book review essay must first read the book. When someone writes any kind of review he or she must first try out the product, or read the book. Whenever someone reads a book review the reader expects the writer to have read the book prior to writing a book review. The book review should reflect both good and bad about the book. A good book review will not be just an opinion the author of the book review is giving, but should also reflect what type of author the author of the book is.

A person who composes a book review should reflect whether, or not this is the first book he or she read by this author. If the writer of the review has read more than one book by an author the book review should reflect this and the review should also reflect whether or not this book being reviewed is comparable to the other books written by the same author.

Actually writing a review can be a little tricky, but once the reviewer becomes used to writing reviews the reviewer becomes an expert on giving constructive criticism as well as praise. Constructive criticism should be part of every review whether or not written about the most recent book the review read. This is just part of the process of writing a review. As a reader of the review others want to know before trying a certain product, or buying a certain book that the product is a good product to purchase.

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